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I'm an author, fitness enthusiast, reader, meditator, thinker and enjoy bringing a new "depth" to my passion of strength-training. I'm also the creator of the World's first performance fast-food, Full Strength



Author, business leader and internationally respected expert in the area of health, fitness and human potential, Shawn Phillips is passionate about helping people live stronger, fuller, more brilliant lives. For over two decades now he has been living into this vision, helping athletes, celebrities and tens of thousands of people achieve vibrant healthy lives through his ever-evolving approach to integral strength.

Shawn was an instrumental in the creation and evolution of the company, EAS, the world's leader in performance nutrition. He's also as well known for his contributions and innovative concepts in Muscle Media magazine, his role in the documentary movie, Body-of-Work and more recently his book, an instant best-seller, ABSolution.

Shawn currently serves as a lead facilitator and faculty member of the Ken Wilber's Integral Institute, where he's been sharing his inspired form of strength training that fully engages the power of a focused mind and peak concentrated physical intensity for a workout that is both more effective, more efficient and infinitely more enjoyable. This practice is called "F.I.T." - which stands for Focus Intensity Training and is positioned to revolutionize the concept of "strength" and lift the health, fitness and human potential movements.

Discover the secret to F.I.T., tune-in to a conversation between Shawn and Ken Wilber on Integral Naked, as they share a vision about the further reaches of strength and human potential. You can also read more about this remarkable new paradigm of strength in a feature article, Igniting the Flame of Intensity, in What is Enlightenment? magazine.

Shawn is the CEO and Founder of Phillips Performance Solutions, LLC., where he's pioneered the world's first performance fast food, Full Strength.

While known around the world for his trademark abs and impressive physique, numerous magazine covers and his innovative and entertaining articles, Shawn is better known as a pioneering thinker in his field for well over a decade.

Shawn’s commitment to intentional physical training as a foundation for integrated development and performance has contributed to an evolving approach to strength training. It is here, at this next-level incarnation of training where Shawn is currently focused as he works on a new book and his integral strength training program, Focus Intensity Training™ to help individuals unlock their full potential.

While Shawn may be best known for his signature "six-pack abs," his brilliant clarity and pragmatic creativity, Shawn is better known by his family, close friends and business associates as a focused, hard-working, soft-spoken man with a kind heart and an intense passion for helping people reach into their greater potential.

Shawn currently lives in the foothills of Colorado with his gorgeous wife Angie (who holds a masters in Somatic Psychology from Naropa University) and their son, Nathaniel.


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Combine the intense, logical, seeking mind of an engineer, a relentless drive for excellence, a passion for living strong, healthy and fit with what may well be the world’s greatest six-pack abs, and you’d either be creating a new super-hero character or have just spent an hour getting to know twenty-year fitness veteran, Shawn Phillips.

Separated by little more than a year in age, Shawn has worked along side his brother Bill Phillips for nearly two decades, from their early training days to the rise of EAS, the world’s leader in performance nutrition, culminating in the colossal success of Bill’s breakthrough Body for LIFE, which has gone on to sell nearly 4 million books. As a writer and respected industry expert in fitness and nutrition fields, Shawn has excelled in creating innovative transformation programs, many of which were created exclusively for numerous high profile celebrities and athletes while others have made even greater difference, impacting the lives of millions.